Pension forecast service

Do you want to know what your pension may be worth at retirement?

Pension Forecast Services

Do you want to know what your pension may be worth at retirement?

Do you have a set pension income at retirement and are you on track to meet this goal?

Do you want to know what income may be provided at retirement from all of your investments?

At Bartholomew Hawkins Asset Management we can help answer these questions with our pension forecast services.

Bartholomew Hawkins Asset Management PENSION FORECAST SERVICES

We offer three different services to help you meet your retirement needs:

Pension Projections

Our financial planning team will look at your existing pension arrangements and forecast what these may be worth at retirement and what potential level of income may be available.

This is provided as standard as part of our pension review service.

Shortfall Analysis

We can, for those clients who have an idea as to what income they require at retirement, produce a shortfall analysis.

This report looks at your existing pension arrangements and calculates whether the desired income can be met. If not, the report will identify the shortfall and identify what additional contributions need to made to address this deficit.

Cash Flow Forecast

For those clients who have savings and investments in addition to their pensions a more thorough analysis is usually required. Our cash flow modelling tools provide a holistic review of your overall wealth and what this may provide as an income at retirement. Other planning goals and objectives can be incorporated into this report. 

This service is free to existing clients of Bartholomew Hawkins Asset Management.

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