How we are paid

The first meeting is always at our expense so you can be comfortable in knowing that it will cost you nothing to see if our services are right for you.

Free Consultation

As a result of that first meeting, if you believe our services can be of benefit and you are happy to work with us, we will discuss how best to progress and agree a fee for the work we will be undertaking on your behalf. This fee will be charged on the implementation of any advice and is based on a percentage of the money being invested.

Our fees

Although the fee may vary, it will follow our underlying philosophy on fees, which is:

To be clear and simple at all times – our fee structure is uncomplicated and easy to quantify.

To offer value for money – we believe that our fees are competitive when compared to other advisers for similar services and products.

To be impartial and independent of provider, product or service - we will not choose products and services based on how much commission we receive. We will always choose the right product for your circumstances.

You can pay any fee to arrange or implement a new service or product direct to us from your own resources or it may be possible to facilitate the payment of this fee to us from the product or service itself.


A free consultation with our financial experts

Take advantage of our free consultation and get all your questions answered by our financial experts – call us on 029 2050 8000 or complete our online enquiry form to arrange your meeting. The first meeting is at our expense and with no obligation.