Our Team

We believe that the strength in our business comes from our people.

Our team of financial planners and investment professionals are highly qualified and experienced in financial planning and investment management. We have spent time building a highly qualified in-house specialist team who work closely with the financial planners in structuring and implementing advice.

Client relationship coordinators support the analyst team and the financial planners. Every client of Bartholomew Hawkins Asset Management will be allocated a client relationship coordinator who ensures that we manage their financial planning and deliver an exemplary customer experience.

The end result is advice of the highest quality with a customer experience where you know you are valued.

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Wes Nixon
Wes Nixon Chief Executive Officer
Adam Sketchley
Adam Sketchley Chief Investment Officer
Adam Fox
Adam Fox Finance Manager
Maria Hopkins
Maria Hopkins Client Relationship Manager
Kelly Sealey
Kelly Sealey Research Manager
Leanne Watkins
Leanne Watkins Research Analyst
Nadine O'Donnell
Nadine O'Donnell Trainee Research Analyst
Christopher Jarvis
Christopher Jarvis Investment Manager
Anabelle Harrington
Anabelle Harrington Executive Assistant
Nathan Bater
Nathan Bater Chartered Financial Planner
Steven Ellis
Steven Ellis Senior Financial Planner
Peter Everitt
Peter Everitt Senior Financial Planner
Stephen Hubbuck
Stephen Hubbuck Financial Planner
Stuart Lane
Stuart Lane Financial Planner
Sarah Harvey
Sarah Harvey Client Services Team Leader
Michele Davies
Michele Davies Client Services Team Leader
Rachel Goldthorpe
Rachel Goldthorpe Client Services Coordinator
Victoria O'Connell
Victoria O'Connell Senior New Business Coordinator
Abigail Jones
Abigail Jones New Business Coordinator
Jackie Mico
Jackie Mico Senior Client Services Coordinator
Deborah Richardson
Deborah Richardson Research Analyst
Rebecca Stingemore
Rebecca Stingemore Research Analyst
Tanya Brydon
Tanya Brydon New Business Coordinator
Lyndon Griffiths
Lyndon Griffiths New Business Coordinator