Sports Professionals

When seeking financial advice or the management of your wealth, trust is of the upmost importance.  It is vital that your professional advisors fully understand your unique requirements, goals and aspirations and deliver a bespoke investment portfolio suitably designed to meet your needs.

We understand the unique demands and strains placed upon sports professionals and work hard to support them throughout their careers.  We work alongside clubs, agents, lawyers and tax advisers to ensure your affairs are managed effectively for the longer term.

You might have the shorter career window of a footballer, or the irregular income pattern of a professional boxer; whatever the challenge, we’ll search for the best way to maximise and protect your earnings.

Throughout your career, you will be offered a multitude of financial opportunities.  We have the experience and expertise to help you maximise the appealing opportunities, and more importantly, steer you well away from the bad ones.

At Bartholomew Hawkins Asset Management we build trust from the start. Our Investment Managers work hard to identify exactly what you want to achieve, looking at what assets you have and more importantly your appetite for risk. We consider and monitor every option, balancing potential risks with potential returns, whilst keeping you informed every step of the way.

Our knowledge and experience ensures that your money is in safe hands, allowing you to fully concentrate on the next challenge in your career.

Service Details

Risk Monitoringread more +

Risk control is key to portfolio construction and ongoing management of client portfolios.  Our unique and highly advanced software allows for instant daily monitoring of risk across all of our portfolios, which negates the requirement for random infrequent portfolio reviews which many of our peers conduct. 

Individual Savings Account (ISA)read more +

ISAs offer a tax-efficient way to hold your investments and are an important feature of many personal investment portfolios. By ‘ring-fencing’ investments within an ISA wrapper you can substantially reduce the tax burden created by income and capital growth of your investments.

Your investment manager will ensure that your ISA portfolio complements your other investments and can manage those funds in line with a single strategy.  This ensures you are making the best use of your annual ISA allowance and that your overall investment portfolio is managed in the most tax efficient way possible.

Reporting and Administrationread more +

In addition to regular meetings with you and your advisors, you will receive periodic valuations of your investments in a format that is clear and easy to understand.  You will also have real-time access to the portfolio information via our secure online portal. This allows you to check the status of your investments at any time and from anywhere.

We have sophisticated software which enables us to provide you with comprehensive performance and portfolio information so that you can feel confident and reassured that your assets are in safe hands.

All clients will receive a comprehensive end-of-year tax schedule which includes a composite tax certificate for UK and overseas income, a schedule of transactions for the year and UK capital gains tax calculations.  We can arrange that all the necessary paperwork is forwarded directly to your accountant in order to minimise your administration burden.

Financial Planningread more +

It is often prudent to pursue broader Financial Planning advice when seeking management of your investment portfolio. This ensures your investments complement any other assets you may have and your affairs are all being managed in the most tax efficient way possible.

We are able to access expert financial planning advice, including tax planning and pension advice, directly through our sister company Bartholomew Hawkins Chartered Financial Planners.  When discussing your portfolio’s investment objectives and for the management of the portfolio, your experienced Investment Manager can highlight any areas where they feel you could benefit from further assistance.

Charges read more +

We are committed to a simple and transparent fee structure which allows you to understand exactly how much you will pay for our investment management services. Any consultation meetings are always at our expense so you can be comfortable in knowing that it will cost you nothing to see if our services are right for you.

Our fees follow simple underlying philosophy:

To be clear and simple at all times – our fee structure is uncomplicated and easy to quantify.

To offer value for money – because we don’t have shareholders or profit targets, it allows us to provide you with competitive fees when compared to our peers.

To be impartial and independent of any provider, product or service - We will always choose the right product for your circumstances and will not receive any hidden commissions or incentives which could have a bearing on that decision.

Custody of your Investmentsread more +

We use a nominee company to hold our clients assets on their behalf; it reduces costs and minimises paperwork.

The safety of our clients’ assets will always be of paramount importance to us and subsequently we have appointed Pershing Securities Limited as our custodian to hold your cash and investments.  Founded in 1939, Pershing is a London based subsidiary of BNY Mellon (Bank of New York), which currently has $29.29 trillion of assets under custody*.

A nominee company is a separate legal entity and its assets are not regarded as assets of BHAM, Pershing or BNY Mellon, therefore you can be sure that your assets are safe should anything happen to these companies.

Learn more about the safety of your assets in our comprehensive document: Protection of Client Money and Assets.

*Figure correct as of December 2016